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Ph. credit; various tumblr’s.

Some random inspiration photos. I’m amazed by the collection of Elin Tveitan (1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th photo), love the white studs and the fur coat from the first photo is just perfection(!).


Adidas sweater, Zara heels, Zara bag.

This outfit is actually from a while ago, but I forgot to post it for some reason!


Zara dress, Zara leather bag (old collection), Marni heels.

Bought this super cute dress last week, I have been craving for it since the first time I saw it in the store a couple of months ago!


Self made dress, Zara wedges, Michael Kors bag, E&E Glasses via Bloggers Wardrobe, Supertrash bracelet.

Yesterday’s outfit. Love this dress, my sweet aunt made it last year, it’s perfect for these kind of temperatures (30 degrees!).