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Filippa K sweater, Zara pants, Ralph Lauren Tiffin bag, Dune heels via Sarenza.

I’ve bought this sweater at Filippa K the other day, at the mens section. I was quite happy that I found it, because I have been searching for a sweater like this one for a while. I haven’t bought a lot of clothes the past few months, at least not as many as I used to buy. I’ve made the agreement with myself that I only buy items that I really like, and not because I just like them. I used to have a excuse for everything like ‘every girl needs to have at least 4 white blouses in their closet’ or ‘I love these shoes so much that I can might as well buy them in two colors’. It’s not easy because sometimes I see something I want and then I say to myself that I haven’t bought anything in a while so I’m allowed to buy something now, but that’s also a lame excuse. This light pink sweater is something that I really like and I am sure that I will wear it a lot!


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  1. Rianne says:
    December 23rd, 2013 at 16:32

    Love this!!! The entire look. And the hair!
    And great agreement you’ve made, hope you”ll succeed at it