All white is always good. It doesn’t matter if it’s about your outfit, your interior or a car. White is always a good idea. I love the serene feeling that an (almost) all white interior gives me. For some reason it’s easier to relax in a place with white walls than coloured ones. At least for me. The same is applies for a bedroom. White walls, white sheets and definitely no television. My vision about a bedroom is to try to keep it as minimal as possible. Ofcourse it does need a bit of decoration like the photo’s above.

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3104825 3104829 Home-of-a-textile-designer4Lightyears-12-12-12-14447 ml_64671Red-Dirt-House-Renovation-by-Amee-Allsop-6-728x513sans-titre-59-3 Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 18.37.13 SFD2CF14AC893494095BB9DD7FE18F0B440 SFD22C092F884ED4DD9999FD40BA24FE5E8_2200x The-Glacier-loft-refurbishment-by-Gus-Wüstemann-04


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