What I was wearing yesterday. It’s strange, last weekend I was sitting outside all day enjoying the sun and some wine with temperatures above 30 degrees, and now I’m even chilly wearing only this poncho. The transition from summer to fall has it’s pros and cons I guess.

Poncho & patchwork boyfriend jeans from ZARA, RALPH LAUREN Collection heels, MULBERRY bag, RENARD watch.


IMG_7979IMG_7583 IMG_8043IMG_7615IMG_8010IMG_7923


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  1. Kim M. Winn says:
    September 7th, 2015 at 08:25

    Ok, I really don’t want to go to other page as I am stuck with your style. This poncho, jeans and bag are taking my mind away, love the colour combination as well. I always prefer to buy dresses and all the fashion stuff while browsing, and sites a like as they help me to save money.

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