Normally, you would choose your dinner reservation based on the food they serve but this restaurant may be the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. The Hueso (which means ‘bones’ in English) restaurant located in the Lafayette Design District in Mexico looks like a museum of beautiful art.

Hueso restaurant-interior-modedamour-

Hueso restaurant-interior-modedamour-11Hueso restaurant-interior-modedamour-2 Hueso restaurant-interior-modedamour-3 Hueso restaurant-interior-modedamour-5 Hueso restaurant-interior-modedamour-6 Hueso restaurant-interior-modedamour-7 Hueso restaurant-interior-modedamour-12Hueso restaurant-interior-modedamour-8 Hueso restaurant-interior-modedamour-9Hueso restaurant-interior-modedamour-4Hueso restaurant-interior-modedamour-10

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