River Island - Modedamour 4

It’s funny how our mind changes when we grow older. When I was in my young teens, I always hated to wear denim because I used to find them so uncomfortable. But now, nothing beats a good pair of jeans. The hard part is, finding the perfect jeans -at least for most of us. But once you’ve found a brand which rises up to your expectations, you’ll see that it becomes easy to find a new ‘perfect pair’ every collection. River Island is my ‘Jeans Brand’ and luckily for me they have a great variety of styles.

Talking about styles, Loose Fit jeans are definitely my favorite because they are so versatile for all occasions. I choose to wear them while hiking, since I always want to wear something comfortable when being active.

River Island - Modedamour

River Island - Detail

River Island - Modedamour 1

River Island - Modedamour 2

River Island - Detail 3

River Island - Modedamour 3

River Island - Modedamour 5

River Island - Modedamour 6

River Island - Modedamour 7

River Island - Modedamour 8

River Island - Detail 2


Complete RIVER ISLAND look.

River Island items

Camo print shirt, black velvet choker, patent Chelsea boots, River Island denim.

This post was created in collaboration with River Island.


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