Untitled (Two dogs Fighting) Bill Traylor (c. 1854–1949)

Untitled (Two dogs Fighting)
(c. 1937–1947)

Untitled (Woman with Bird) C 1940 -1942

Untitled (Woman with Bird)
(c. 1940–1942)

Untitled (Exciting Event- House with Figures) Bill Traylor (c. 1939–1947)

Untitled (Exciting Event: House with Figures)
(c. 1937–1947)

Bill Traylor - Black Horse, Red Rider, 1939-1942

Black Horse, Red Rider
(c. 1939–1942)

High Steppin Cat, ca. 1939

High Steppin Cat
(ca. 1939)

Bill Traylor - Untitled (Men boxing), 1939-1942

Untitled (Men boxing)

Untitled (Red Orange Dog), 1939-1942

Untitled (Red/ Orange Dog)



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